Tree Trimming in Marietta, GA: What is a Certified Arborist & Why Should You Hire One?

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Your landscaping is a significant investment of both time and money, and trees are an important aspect of well-rounded landscaping. They’re not just an attractive feature that increases the value of your property; they help purify the air, filter rain water and reduce your heating and cooling expenses. To keep your trees healthy and thriving, they require regular maintenance. It can be heartbreaking to watch a row of expensive shrubs fall prey to disease or be destroyed by the elements. Unhealthy trees also pose a safety risk to your home. Trees are an investment worth protecting, and one way to do this is with professional tree trimming in Marietta GA. Don’t just hire anyone with a chainsaw. An arborist specializes in the care and maintenance of trees and other woody plants. Their expertise can help your trees flourish and protect your home from damage.

A certified arborist must have at least three years experience working in the tree care industry and pass an extensive examination created by leading experts on tree care. They may also pursue specialty certifications, such as Utility Specialist for tree care performed around utility wires, Municipal Specialist for the care of urban trees and Master Arborist, which requires higher levels of education and experience. Certified arborists adhere to a code of ethics and maintain their certification through continued education, which means that they are up to date on current best practices for tree trimming.

To ensure quality care and maintenance of your trees, do your homework before hiring an arborist. Check that their ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certification is up to date and ask for proof of insurance. Make sure that they have the permits and licenses required to remain in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Get more than one quote and ask for references. A good certified arborist will also always provide a contract, which includes an estimate and details such as the duration and cleanup of the job.

Proper tree care is a worthwhile investment. Healthy, well cared for trees add considerable value to your home, while weak or damaged trees create a big liability. Don’t trust your tree trimming to just anyone; shoddy work can take a very long time to repair, if it can be repaired at all. The knowledge and experience of a reputable certified arborist can help your trees live a long, healthy life.

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