Two Common Types of Cases Handled by a Ladder Accident Attorney in Norwich, CT

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It’s surprising how many workers are injured at construction sites each year. Adequate safety can prevent a number of these falls, but it cannot prevent them all. When an individual has been injured due to a ladder fall, it’s always a good idea for them to call a ladder accident attorney in Norwich, CT who can offer advice about legal options.

Ladder injury cases can be quite complex, so it’s best to work with an attorney who has experience representing clients in similar cases. Read on to find out about two of the most common types of ladder injuries handled by local attorneys.

Wrong Type of Ladder

If a worker is provided with the wrong type of ladder, they could end up suffering a serious injury. Every ladder comes with height and weight restrictions listed right on it, but that doesn’t mean that every worker follows those restrictions or that every site manager insists on doing so. When workers are provided with the wrong ladder for the job and end up hurt, the responsible party could be held legally liable for those injuries.

Damaged or Old Ladders

Equipment should be replaced often enough that it does not ever pose a danger to the employees who are using it, but ladders often hang around construction firms until they are all but falling apart. It’s always a good idea to inspect ladders before using them, but defects that have occurred due to wear or acute damage may not always be immediately visible. If a construction firm has been providing its workers with faulty or severely worn ladders and someone is injured, a ladder accident attorney in Norwich, CT should be contacted.

Other Ladder Injuries

Other ladder injuries may occur due to improper positioning, the lack of a spotter for a particularly high ladder, or simple worker error. No matter how the injury occurred, it’s a good idea for workers to call a personal injury lawyer like Stephen M. Reck who can help them determine liability. Browse the website to find out more about personal injury law or learn how to get in touch to schedule a consultation today.

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