Types of Pest That Won’t Go Away Without an Exterminator in Lakewood NJ

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No one likes the idea of bugs and rodents running around their home, but for most households, it is a natural occurrence all year long. Even the cleanliest of homes has the potential to be riddled with bugs and pests from time to time. Learning various methods of management and contacting an exterminator in Lakewood NJ is extremely important to keeping it at a minimum. While some pest sightings might be remedied with some spray, poison, or traps, there are instances in which you should simply throw in the towel and call the pros.


Termites are very small insects that have a similar resemblance to ants. These tiny insects feed on wood near dap grounds and can be detrimental if not taken care of right away. Termites can eat through foundations, windowsills, and more, leaving your home standing on hollowed out beams. If you notice tiny piles of what appears to be sawdust or tiny tunnel like holes in your wood, you should contact an exterminator for further inspection.


While you will mostly see mice during the colder months, it is not uncommon to see them scurry around your home during hotter seasons. Mice can populate rather quickly and create nests in your roof, on your walls, in cupboards, and more. They can easily damage your electrical system by scratching and chewing through walls and also carry fleas and other diseases. Even though you might be able to bait a few, they populate ten to six times in a year and are hard to get rid of without a professional exterminator.

Fleas and Bed Bugs

Some of the tiniest, yet most annoying pests to households are fleas and bed bugs. They are both small insects that can feed on the blood of mammals that could include your pets. They tend to pop up more during the hotter months hopping from host to host. They are very irritating as they often bite humans as well and have a tendency to carry disease.

All of the above insects and pests require the attention of an exterminator in Lakewood NJ. They have necessary chemicals and equipment to completely rid your home of these annoying pests. Rather than wait until an infestation starts, you should get additional info by visiting Dynamic Pest Control LLC on how to schedule an appointment for an inspection.

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