Understanding The Need For Fire Damage Restoration In Santa Clarita

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In California, the loss of property is a complexity that is determined by patterns. For example, the probability of a fire is unpredictable, however, so is the way in which the fire runs its course. The varying behavior of smoke can alter the way in which property damage occurs. For this reason, it is vital that a fire-damage specialist surveys the property to evaluate several factors that attribute to this specific type of property loss. If you require fire damage restoration in Santa Clarita today, you should contact WORKING CLASS and schedule an appointment.

Understanding Fire Damage

When the property is evaluated, the fire specialists review the way in which moisture, smoke, fire, and heat have affected the materials within it. They review all areas including those that don’t seem to be damaged to eliminate any possible hazards for the property owners. During a fire, smoke can travel into spaces unseen and cause horrible smells as well as health risks. This includes cool areas of the property, upper levels, plumbing systems, and piping. With adequate training, a fire specialist can identify the extent of the damage and the type of smoke damage sustained before restoration efforts begin.

Types of Damage

The process used for fire damage restoration in Santa Clarita involves testing for soot. By identifying the type of soot produced, the specialist can continue efforts for restoration with adequate knowledge of what they are up against. Wet smoke residues are caused when a fire smolders at a lower heat level. This residue is identified by its stickiness, ability to smear, and the pungent odor produced. It produces smoke webs that are difficult to clean in most cases.

Dry smoke residue is caused by fast burning fires that reach higher than average temperatures. The produced residue is dry and powdery. It is smaller than wet smoke residue and doesn’t smear.

Protein residues are virtually invisible. It is identified by the discoloration caused on the paint on walls in the property’s interior. The odor produced is extremely pungent.

Property owners who have suffered due to a fire should file an insurance claim quickly. This will allow them to acquire restoration services faster and allow them to return to their home after the smoke and fire damage are removed. If you need fire damage restoration in Santa Clarita today, call and make an appointment now.

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