Understanding the Range of Services Offered by Cremation & Funeral Care

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The last thing you want to think about after losing a loved one is planning their final arrangements. However, you still need a clear understanding of your options. Is it a cremation or a burial? Will a Catholic mass take place during the ceremony? What kind of casket or urn options make the most sense?

Advanced Planning

Of course, taking a proactive approach is always recommended, which, in this case, means advanced planning services. This ensures that your loved ones don’t have to make difficult decisions while dealing with grief. Instead, you can choose the type of services you want, the funeral home you prefer, and cremation cost near Antioch. You can also provide detailed instructions for your service if your religion allows for that.

Traditional Funeral Services

A “traditional” funeral service includes the viewing (visitation), a funeral service, and a graveside service. The funeral service is typically held at a church or a funeral home, but you can ask about other locations that align with the deceased’s faith and final wishes.

Then, family and friends can say goodbye to the deceased and share memories and stories during this service. The graveside service is held at the cemetery and may include a short ceremony. The interment of the remains follows this.

Cremation Services

Cremation is another option. The body is reduced to ashes during cremation and then kept in an urn (you’ll have to ask ahead if you can also scatter the ashes). Cremation allows for greater flexibility in the planning process, because you can choose to have a memorial service, a celebration of life, or a simple gathering of friends and family to say their last goodbyes.

Check the costs

Of course, you also have to properly budget for the burial or cremation, especially if it hasn’t already been taken care of by the deceased through advanced planning. Planning a service in Antioch or the surrounding area? Generally speaking, the cremation cost is typically lower than a traditional burial.

Finally, remember that a funeral is not just an event; it’s also a celebration of someone’s life. You can honor the unique spirit of your loved one and provide comfort and closure for your family and friends when you fully understand the range of services.

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