Use the Latest Microblading for Shapely Eyebrows

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Business

The natural look of a face becomes radiantly smart and expressive with a good set of eyebrows. Irregularly plucked damaged or poor growth brows can be an embarrassment for many individuals. In most cases, people try to enhance their brows by using tattoos, brow gel, or an eyebrow pencil to make their natural shape brows look better. With advancement in technology and science, an innovative semi-permanent technique of inking has been developed and it is called eyebrow embroidery otherwise known as Microblading. Use the latest Microblading method for shapely eyebrows. The dimension choices are many and includes arched, curved, straight, thin, bold or feathered eyebrows, but the choice is personal for each individual. If you are looking for the service of Microblading in Beachwood OH turn to beauty professionals like Amanda May Beauty for their superior beauty treatments.

Improve Your Looks with Microblading

Improve your looks with Microblading and get rid of the eyebrow pencils and brow gels. Certified and trained beauty professionals use Microblading creatively which gives you hair-like strokes that look flawlessly. When it comes to beauty art, eyebrow Microblading is it. This type of beauty service helps people receive those perfectly thick, full-shaped eyebrows without a lot of effort. Trained beauty artists are able to draw perfectly fine-line hair strokes that will give you a stunning look when completed. Every hair strand is individually and accurately marked on the brow region and stunningly designed perfect brows are drawn in a timely manner.

How Long Will the Brow Color Last?

The final result of your Microblading session will last between 11 to 18 months. However this will vary on what type of procedure you had done. The brow color will begin to fade over time and a retouching session with a beauty artist is recommended once a year. This will help your brows to retain the saturation and shape of pigment. If you would like more information about Microblading in Beachwood OH, contact Amanda May Beauty by visiting their website today.

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