Welcome Customers With A Well Designed Glass Storefront

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Glass Repair & Replacement

A well-designed storefront is the best way to welcome customers to your establishment. Your storefront allows customers to instantly get an impression of what your business is and it leaves a lasting impression.

Of course, storefront glass in Chicago lets in a great deal of natural light. The window is an ideal spot to display products, and the window display will help set your business apart from the competition.

There are a number of options available when it comes to the design and construction of storefronts; let’s look a few of them:

Glass storefront considerations:

An effective storefront is one that is complimentary to the building architecture as well as the architectural style of neighboring buildings. Truly effective storefront glass in Chicago will compliment and mesh nicely with surrounding businesses and buildings but at the same time is unique enough to accentuate the personality of your brand. Consider:

* Type of framing: There are three types of framing for storefront glass; wood, metal as well as frameless. Wood is rapidly losing its luster, the majority of installations use either aluminum which can be anodized many different colors or frameless. Frameless windows are ideal if your business is hi-tech or you sell expensive designer fashions as the approach enables futuristic design approaches.

* Type of glass: In many situations, clear glass is ideal, however, there are many other options as well. Glass with a reflective coating can reduce direct sunlight, but as it is slightly tinted, it does reduce a little visibility. Insulated glass is often the choice in Northern states as it can cut down considerably on heat loss and reduce noise from the street.

As well as storefront glass in Chicago, many retailers are using glass partitions and curtain walls within the store. Glass walls make space appear much larger and certainly more welcoming and allow more natural light to flood the space.

If you are designing or redesigning your retail shop, you will want to discuss the pros and cons of various storefront glass in Chicago. You are invited to call on the experts at Lakeview Glass Inc.

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