What Are the Most Beautiful Churches in Florida?

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Religion

The Internet is a great tool for anyone who wants answers to basic questions. Where is my local shoe repair shop? What time is the pharmacy opened to this evening? How many kilometers are in a mile? You can even “Google” the question of the most Christian church sites in the state of Florida, and you will get beautiful results. There are buildings that look like something from the Old World and even the Renaissance. They are of every denomination of Christianity as well. There is a Presbyterian Christian church in St. Augustine that is truly stunning and a Congregational Christian church in Coconut Grove that is the picture of peace.

The list of beautiful churches in the state of Florida can go on and on, with locations as far south as Key West and as far north as Jacksonville. Each has a fascinating history, beautiful design, and a sense of God’s presence inside and out. However, most Christians are aware that it is not just the physical beauty of a Christian church that makes it beautiful.

No, it is the community that exists within and around the church itself. A purpose-driven community that exists to proclaim the transformative and redemptive powers of Jesus is beautiful even if it is found within the humblest little church. It is a big faith that is beautiful, and the belief that, working together, each individual and the entire community can fulfill God’s mission for us on earth.

It is a truly beautiful church that moves forward with faith, confidence ,and hope thanks to the knowledge that God is working on their behalf. It is a beautiful church that is full of true disciples who strive to each live like Jesus through their individual ,and collective actions, words and thoughts.

Of course, one of the most beautiful churches is one that is a spiritual family that is connected by God’s purpose and that answers His call. This community is built around love – love of God and one another – and it strives to create an environment in which every individual flourish and can meet God’s purpose for them.

If you are eager to belong to a physically as well as spiritually beautiful church in the Jacksonville, Fl area, Southpoint Community Church is an ideal choice. With its thriving and active community, you can find a church home and live your faith through a tremendous number of life groups, missions, events, and much more.

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