What Is The Process Of A Root Canal Treatment Like In Bridgeport CT?

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Dental Care

Your dentist just told you that the only way he or she will save your tooth is through a root canal. Your knees literally trembled at the thought of it despite not having an idea of what the treatment entails. So, what exactly is a root canal treatment? What does it involve? Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry offers answers to these questions in this piece.

What is it?

A root canal in Bridgeport, CT, is a treatment that involves removing the infected pulp from the internal parts of the tooth, cleaning it, filling it and sealing it. The pulp contains the blood vessels, nerve tissues and other cells that make the tooth healthy and active. Decays and cavities infect the pulp, and severely damaged teeth can only be saved through root canal treatments.

What happens during the root canal procedure?

During a root canal in Bridgeport, CT, your dentist will make a hole at the top part of the tooth to allow passage of the dental instruments. The process then follows as detailed below:

  • Cleaning the tooth- your dentist will remove every infected pulp inside the tooth. He or she will then clean the tooth to ensure no pulp is left behind.

  • Filing the tooth- after decontaminating the hollow section, your dentist will fill it with an adhesive cement to seal the canals.

  • Apply dental crowns- dental crowns are recommended after a root canal to reinforce the tooth’s structural strength.

At Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry, we handle root canal treatments professionally and offer consultation sessions to help you understand the process.

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