What Should Homeowners Know About Bed Bugs Treatment Brisbane?

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The itching can be intense and the blood smears are disgusting. Bed bugs strike when least expected and are often carried in from vacation. These bed bugs go unnoticed for a long time until they start to grow in numbers and become a nuisance. It is imperative homeowners are aware of their options for Bed Bugs Treatment Brisbane. With treatment, these nasty pests can be eradicated.

Signs Bed Bugs Are a Problem

People notice many different things when there is a bed bug problem in their home. Bed bugs are so tiny they are very difficult to spot, but they can sometimes be seen when in great numbers. The following are some of the signs that should never be ignored.

* Rust-colored or reddish streaks on the sheets is a common sign that is noticed when bed bugs are present. These streaks occur when the bugs bite their victim and then the wounds bleed.
* One of the most common signs of bed bugs is the bites. Individuals will often notice very itchy bites that form a zig-zag pattern on the skin. The bites can occur anywhere but are most common on the trunk of the body.
* When bed bugs are present in large numbers, they create a musty smell that is quite overpowering. When this smell is noticed, individuals need to seek Bed Bugs Treatment Brisbane.
* If small brown oval shells are found, these are the shed skins of the bed bugs. This is a sure sign these bugs have invaded a home and they must be treated or their numbers will grow.
* The eggs of bed bugs are oval shaped and pale yellow. These eggs are laid in the crevices of mattresses and in upholstery or carpeting. As the eggs are laid, the numbers of bed bugs continue to grow.

Discover Treatment Options

If you believe your home has been invaded by bed bugs, now is the time to seek treatment. For more information, contact Flick Pest Control. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call them today so your appointment can be scheduled.

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