What to Consider When Undertaking Garage Construction

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Homeowners interested in improving their home’s curb appeal might choose to renovate an existing garage that’s seen better days. Or they might decide to add value to their home by converting an existing carport to a garage. When choosing to install or upgrade a garage, one must plan their garage construction near Highland. Here are some tips.

What Is the Purpose of the Garage Build?

Not every garage is used to store cars. Garages serve many purposes and homeowners need to know what purpose they want their new garage to serve to make sure they pick the right design. Garages are used for the following:


Rec areas


Extra storage

Is the Garage Ventilated?

Even if one is only storing a car in their new garage ventilation is important. Proper ventilation ensures there isn’t a buildup of deadly carbon monoxide. It keeps the air flowing, making the space feel more like an extension of the home and not a dingy garage. Ventilation could be as simple as installing a few windows or more complex such as installing heating and cooling systems or air purifying systems.

Will the Garage Be Attached or Detached?

Depending on the home’s footprint, local zoning laws, and the garage’s purpose, one might choose one type of garage over the other. While most suburban homes near Highland have attached garages, detached garages are rising in popularity. Homeowners who use their garages for workspaces, home gyms, or other reasons besides storing vehicles, find that detached garages offer numerous benefits.

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