What to Know When Choosing the Right Crane for Projects in Minneapolis

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Preparation for crane contractors Minneapolis MN means having the proper tools. Projects that rely on overhead lifting should follow some guidelines to ensure the best quality and outcome.

Choose the right crane

The load and the reach are both pivotal factors in selecting the correct crane for a project. Knowing the lifting capacity of the load as well as how far out the load needs to be swung are necessary details. Otherwise, there is the risk of an inadequate crane for the job, costing time and money.

Know the type of crane

All cranes are not created equal. Some can handle larger loads and straddle a gantry, while others are sufficient for standard floor mounts with a free-standing jib. An under hung crane is bolted to an I-beam, so there are fewer track issues like a top-running crane, for instance. A top-running crane, on the other hand, is ideal for large capacities (over 20 tons, for example).

Hire professionals

Finding reliable crane operators need not be a stressful task. Check the history of the company’s construction projects. Does the company utilize skilled and experienced contractors (which you can usually verify through a website or contact page)? Notice the emphasis they play on safety. A company’s mission statement and testimonials can tell you a lot about their practices and values.

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