What You Need to Know About Using Storage Facilities in Birmingham AL

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Many people put items into storage facilities in Birmingham, AL, for personal or business reasons. You can rent a unit, usually on a monthly basis, and then you can stock as many items as the unit can hold. The managers of the facility will give you a key, and you will be the only person with access to your unit.

You will enter into a legal contract with the company to keep your belongings on their premises. At the same time, they will make every effort to keep your items secure. Aside from not allowing unauthorized persons to enter your unit, they should have a caretaker on the property at all times. Facilities that are not monitored have a higher risk of being broken into.

Some of the companies that provide these units also offer moving services. They sell moving boxes and supplies to help customers to get organized when they are moving. They will pack items for their customers and their services are available to residential and commercial clients. If you are putting large items into storage, it makes sense to get assistance from the moving company since this is their specialty.

As the client, you are required to provide proof that your items are insured. Some companies will assist their clients in getting insurance if there is none in place. Your contract will only be terminated if you violate the terms of the agreement, so you should read this carefully before signing.

The units come in various sizes, so you can upgrade to a larger unit if your needs change. For some companies, the units start at 5×10 feet and go up to 15×30 feet. You should not only think about enough room for your belongings, there should also be enough room to move around inside the unit. This is especially important if you are storing breakable items.

Some of these facilities have enough room for boats or large vehicles like RVs. Before signing a contract, you can take a look around the facility. Ensure that it is well lit, and that it is not in an area that is prone to crime. You also need to ensure that their rates are competitive. Visit Jefferson Storage to see what types of units and packing services are available.

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