When Plumbing Repair in Delray Beach FL Becomes Necessary for Garbage Disposal Problems

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Plumbing & Plumbers

The garbage disposal hasn’t been working right for some time now, and nobody in the household knows how to fix it. They wonder who to call for the repair service. Installing, servicing and replacing garbage disposals are commonly done by plumbers. The household residents will want to search for a local company that provides Plumbing Repair in Delray Beach FL.

A Serious Clog

Plumbing Repair in Delray Beach FL may be necessary is the disposal has become hopelessly clogged. This happens when someone stuffs too much food waste into the device and expects it to work miracles. The motor automatically switches off, leaving the equipment to just making a humming noise and not function at all. The disposal must be cleaned out and reset. This is one of the more common problems encountered by contractors such as Moody Plumbing, Inc.

A Smelly Disposal

A smelly disposal may need a thorough cleaning that cannot be easily accomplished by the owner. Strategies like pouring baking soda and grinding up lemons with the equipment can help, but if debris has become trapped and is rotting, those methods may not be effective.

A Worn Bottom Seal

Sometimes the device is too old and worn out, and repair work would be pointless. The repair may be almost as expensive as having a new disposal installed. For example, if the bottom seal has worn out, the disposal will leak water from underneath. The disposal should be replaced if this serious issue has occurred.

In the Future

In the future, regular maintenance is important for preventing the need for garbage disposal repair. Fortunately, maintaining the disposal is easy. Owners will want to read instructions on which materials to avoid grind up in the device. Adding food waste little by little instead of jamming a lot in at one time is best. Guidelines are included in the instruction manual and at many websites. Running water before, during and after the grinding process should always be done. It’s best to run the equipment for a little while every day even when not grinding any food in it. Contact Moody Plumbing, Inc for more information!

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