When Your Child Needs Care After Pediatricians Offices Are Closed

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An illness can strike at any time. Usually in pediatric cases, an illness will commence when the pediatrician’s office is closed. Things like ear infections and coughs worsen as the evenings progress. At bedtime, the child cannot sleep due to pain or fever. What are your options when your child’s pediatrician is closed until tomorrow? Kids urgent care in Orlando, FL, could be a good choice. The only other option is the emergency room.

What Does an Urgent Care Treat?

An urgent care can treat minor illnesses and injuries that your pediatrician would normally take care of for the child. If your child has developed a fever, the medical staff of an urgent care will diagnose and treat the cause of the fever. They will also inform your child’s pediatrician of their diagnosis and treatment plan. Parents that take their child to an emergency room for an acute ear infection or sudden tummy ache can now seek medical help in a family-friendly atmosphere. Stomach bugs, flu/colds, fevers, rashes, and pink eye are all within the scope of urgent care.

An urgent care facility is not going to be able to fix complex issues like broken bones, internal injuries, and severe chronic illnesses. For those situations, an emergency room is still a better choice.

What Can You Expect?

A kids urgent care in Orlando, FL, will be able to help with urinary tract infections, childhood illnesses like influenza and chickenpox, and common maladies like pink eye, abrasions, minor cuts and mysterious rashes. There are no appointments necessary. Waiting areas have toys and spaces to keep children occupied while they want to be seen. The evening and weekend hours provide a way to get medical attention for your child when the pediatrician’s office is closed. Medicare and Medicaid are normally accepted as well as private insurances.

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