Where to Find Baton Rouge’s Best Off-Campus LSU Student Apartments

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Have you been looking everywhere near the LSU campus for off-campus LSU student apartments but not having much luck? Maybe you’ve even asked all of your friends to point you in the right direction, but they’re still looking as well. Don’t worry, and don’t give up. There’s one place that could fit the bill and give you everything you’re looking for and much more.

What These Off-Campus Student Apartments Offer

  • Penthouse apartments, balconies, and lots of luxury touches
  • Bright spaces with clean designs
  • VIP treatment for all residents
  • Proximity to the campus in LSU’s very best location

Enjoy Yourself

There’s so much to enjoy when you live in the best off-campus LSU student apartments available today, including taking a refreshing swim in your rooftop pool or watching the beautiful sunset from your hot tub. You can leave your apartment and head over to campus just minutes before class begins. Yes, you’ll be that close. Or, if you want, you can enjoy running through the LSU campus at dawn or even walking to the big game at Tiger Stadium or PMAC.

Contact Them Today

If all of this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for but not finding, then just call Ion Baton Rouge or check out what they have to offer at www.ion-batonrouge.com. And don’t forget to tell all of your friends about these amazing student apartments, too. After all, just think how great it would be if they could all be your neighbors.

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