Why Choose MIL-SPEC Plastic Media for Blasting?

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MIL-SPEC is a very important designation to look for in any type of equipment, product, or component. This standard is set forth by the United States Department of Defense. It specifies the manufacturing and quality of each component or service to ensure it meets standards.

MIL-SPEC plastic media is manufactured to different standards, which are certified by the US Department of Defense. This means the plastic media has passed the quality control process for the specific type of certification.

The Benefits

The most obvious benefit to choosing MIL-SPEC plastic media for the removal of coating and paint is that it is used and approved for equipment owned and operated by the US military. This includes the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Airforce, and the Marines.

It is a proven product that is an effective option in removing these surface coatings and paint from aircraft and other equipment without damaging the underlying metal surfaces. It can be reused multiple times, making in a cost-effective paint removal option.

Even Size and Quality

Choosing MIL-SPEC plastic media also means each lot ordered for use in the aviation industry, even outside of the military, is consistent. There are no irregular sizes or quality issues that may impact the effective use of plastic media for any military or civilian equipment or processes.

This particular type of plastic media is highly effective at stripping surfaces of aircraft without the need for harsh and potentially dangerous chemical stripping processes, offering another benefit to consider with this choice.

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