Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

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Canadians are always in search of the perfect smile. They understand the benefits of healthy and beautiful teeth. In Hamilton, there are a few options available when it comes to improving the appearance of dull or yellowish teeth, but by far the most popular and effective is teeth whitening.


There are numerous teeth whitening products from which to choose. Shelves of drug stores are filled with products offering a bright, beautiful smile. But not all of them will be equally effective. In fact, due to several factors, products that may work well on some may not work on others, and vice versa. To ensure that you are receiving safe and effective teeth whitening products together with advice guiding you to select the right option for your situation, it is advisable to consult with a dental practitioner.

Why Opt for Professional Whitening?

It is true! Hamilton pharmacies offer many teeth whitening methods, including whitening kits, toothpastes, strips or pens. However, only by using professional grade whitening systems can you remove more than just surface stains. The solutions available at a dental office provide the following:

  • Remove discoloration below the enamel surface

  • Give you in-office or at-home options

  • Offer a pre-treatment assessment

  • Identify possible issues that can interfere with the process, e.g. cavities

  • Protect you from overexposure to the whitening agent

Teeth Whitening: Boosting Confidence and More

Wine, coffee, tea and cigarettes can all discolor even the healthiest teeth. Restoring or creating a bright, white smile can be straightforward if you opt for teeth whitening offered by a professional. While over-the-counter kits promise to whiten your teeth, Hamilton dentists know that the results from these systems can be lacking, particularly for heavily and deeply stained teeth.

If you are considering teeth whitening treatment, talk to the professionals at Gateshead Dental and let them be your guide in choosing the most effective and affordable teeth whitening method best suited to your needs.

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