Why Get an Effective Medial Branch Block by a Jacksonville Pain Specialist

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Why Get an Effective Medial Branch Block by a Jacksonville Pain Specialist

Back pain can be excruciating, and this kind of pain can make the sufferer fear moving or standing too long in place due to the increased pain and other symptoms that usually occur.

Many individuals who suffer from chronic back or other body area pain are put on strong prescription pain medications that can have many adverse side effects and complications. Here is why pain sufferers should consider undergoing an effective medial branch block by a Jacksonville pain specialist.

Reasons Why Low Back Pain Can Disrupt a Person’s Overall Lifestyle

The human spine is made up of vertebrae that contain inner cushioning layers between the spinal discs along with lots of super-sensitive nerves and other small structures. The joints where these vertebrae connect are called facet joints, and these joints along the spine are what allows a person to bend and move their back without difficulty.

When a person develops lower back pain on a regular basis, it might be time to consider a medial branch block of the lumbar area. Most people that suffer from low lumbar back pain have had to limit or avoid activities that they enjoyed before the back pain started. This sort of chronic pain can disrupt every life area.

What Is a Medial Branch Block & How Is It Done?

This type of medial branch block that a Jacksonville pain doctor can perform is a spinal injection of the facet joint to diagnose which is causing the pain. This pain management option has helped many.

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