Common Myths About Getting A Medical Marijuana Card In Kissimmee, FL

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The ability to get a medical marijuana card or MMJ card is still a relatively new process to many patients. The state of Florida, as with all other states, has developed a set of laws around the medical marijuana program. These laws stipulate who qualifies, what conditions qualify, and what doctors can make a medical marijuana recommendation.

Patients in Kissimmee, FL, can book an appointment with a local medical marijuana doctor to complete the required exam. This exam includes a review of medical records, past treatment history, and a time for the medical marijuana doctor to talk to the patient and answer questions.

There is still confusion around different aspects of obtaining a medical marijuana card. The following myths are common and may be preventing some patients in Kissimmee, FL, from scheduling an appointment and obtaining an MMJ card.

Myth: Anyone can get an MMJ card in Florida

Patients applying for an MMJ card must be permanent residents or temporary residents of the state. In addition, the patient must have a diagnosis of one or more qualifying conditions as determined by the medical marijuana doctor.

Myth: Having an MMJ card protects you from employer drug tests

Having an MMJ card does not exempt employees from mandatory workplace drug testing. Employers in Florida, and in most states, can choose to terminate an employee based on a failed drug test even if the employee has provided notice they have an MMJ card.

Myth: If you have a criminal record you cannot get a medical marijuana card

In Kissimmee, FL, and across the state, a felon can apply for an MMJ card if they meet the qualifications and have a recommendation for medical marijuana.

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