Deciding On A Countertop Material

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Carpet Installation & Flooring, Construction & Contractors

If you’re trying to decide on countertops for your home, consider the benefits of those that are made using quartz. One of the benefits involves hygiene. Quartz countertops Phoenix companies can install have a micro-ban surface on them. This helps to keep germs and bacteria from making a home on the surface. The material is also easy to keep clean compared to other materials, which is beneficial as well so that you don’t have to feel like you’re scrubbing your counters all day.

Another benefit of quartz countertops Phoenix companies can install is that they don’t have a porous surface. Liquids that are spilled aren’t absorbed, making them easier to clean off. This will prolong the life of your counters so that you can keep the beautiful design in your home for years. The material doesn’t need to be resealed and can withstand a significant amount of heat, making the counters much more durable than wood and other materials that are often used for countertops. You can even hit your pots, pans, and dishes against the surface without any damage occurring as it’s almost made of complete stone instead of air pockets and cracks.

If you don’t want a natural color for your countertops, you can get quartz dyed in any color that you want to match the room. To protect the color, a clear resin is put on top of the countertops. This will keep the color from fading and give the surface a shiny appearance. The natural colors in the stone are usually balanced throughout if you were to keep the natural design of the material. The quartz that you see when you order your countertops is what you’ll get as it’s hard to damage the product once it’s ready to install. The material is also inexpensive compared to similar options.

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