Have You Seen an Immigration Lawyer in Fall River, MA?

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If you need answers about immigration law, you should seek help from an attorney. Immigration affects anyone who is not a US citizen. That means you are affected by the law if you have a green card, regardless of how long you’ve lived in the US.

Learn About Your Rights

If you are not a US citizen and do not have documentation, an immigration lawyer in Fall River, MA will tell you that you still have certain rights. You need to know these rights if you want to keep calm and handle any immigration dispute successfully.

When You Can Speak or Not Speak to an Officer

By speaking to an immigration lawyer, you can find out more about how the US constitution protects these rights. For instance, you do not have to speak to an immigration officer if they come to your door. You can remain silent. You can also ask if you are free to leave. If they do say yes, stay calm and exit the area.

When to Open the Door

You do not have to open your door to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also called ICE, even if the officer has a warrant. You can ask to talk to an immigration lawyer. A warrant is a court order that is signed by a judge.

Before you open the door, ask to see the warrant and check your name and address. If they are not correct, you can ask the officer to leave. Also, inspect the document to see if the judge really signed the warrant. You don’t have to have ICE enter your home if the document is signed by a supervisor instead.

Find Out More Online

You can learn more about red cards and green cards and all sorts of immigration information when you contact us and find out where you stand as an immigrant.

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