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by | Jan 7, 2019 | Fitness Training Center

Getting fit is often monotonous, but it does not have to be this way when you enroll in one of the challenges at our fitness center in Clinton Township NJ. The Max Challenge is not like other local gyms. We are a fitness challenge program. Our programs last for ten weeks, and you are welcome to sign up for a new session as soon as your current one ends. As you get stronger, fitter and faster, the exercises that you do will be modified to accommodate your fitter body.

We make it fun to exercise. With us, you won’t just do reps with free weights or walk at three mph on a treadmill. We make each session a unique event. Our instructors create a combination of exercises that include strength training and cardio. The result is that you burn calories faster and have a lot more fun while doing it. The instructors act as your trainers and coaches. You get encouragement, help with setting fitness goals and guidance on proper form.

The Max Challenge instructors make sure that you are challenged but not overwhelmed during your physical activity sessions. We invite you to join on your own, with a friend or as a group. Having an accountability partner often makes it easier to meet your fitness goals. Another part of The Max Challenge is nutritional counseling. Part of each session is spent on encouraging healthy food choices, reducing overeating, offering tips on proper portion control and advice on how to swap unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones.

Check out THE MAX Challenge of Clinton for yourself at our fitness center Clinton Township NJ. You may also visit us online to learn more about our fitness challenges, nutritional counseling and location classes and hours.

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