Fitzpatrick Ccs320: When Perfection Matters, Nothing Else Does!

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And perfection is what we, at The Fitzpatrick Company, seek to achieve. For over 80 years the history of The Fitzpatrick Company, a Business Unit of IDEX Material Processing Technologies, has been one of pioneers of high-tech evolution in the design and manufacture of size reduction, roll compaction, pre-breaking, and other process systems.

In 2011, Fitzpatrick joined IDEX Corporation that allows Fitzpatrick to deliver extensive range of state-of-the-art processing equipments. At Fitzpatrick and IDEX Material Processing Technologies, our objective is to be your committed provider of creative and value added process solutions.

We engineer and produce particle processing equipment for size reduction and dry granulation applications that enhance ROI in consequent processing steps, by improving powder characteristics such as flow and compressibility, and reducing isolation potential. Modern containment designs employ current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for comfort and dependability of cleaning. Fitzpatrick offers fully scalable solutions with consistent results, backed by decades of hands-on application knowledge and a worldwide sales and processing support structure.

Hammer mills are among the most sought after technology for particle reduction, & are simple, proficient tools for processing raw materials. Hammer mills rely on the simple principle of shattering or shredding solid materials with suitably vigorous impact. In essence, hammer mills outshine at grinding and crushing technology for milling.

The Fitzpatrick Company offers a selection of hammer mill designs, to oblige clients’ varied application needs. For more than eight decades, we have effectively engineered and manufactured particle processing equipment for particle size reduction and dry granulation applications.

The elementary concept of roll compaction, the technology used by CCS 320 from Fitzpatrick is to force fine powders between two counter rotating rolls. As the volume decreases through the region of maximum pressure, the material is shaped into a solid compact or sheet. Our roller compactors provide the most important characteristics sought by manufacturers.

The new CCS320 is ideal for laboratory roll compaction, with capacities ranging from as little as 10 grams (when using our Small-Volume Feed Adaptor)  up to 50 kgs/hr, making it the perfect roller compactor for R&D or small-scale production.

So whether you’re interested in high-volume, heavy-duty compacting and briquetting, & for applications ranging from chemicals production to food manufacturing or you’re focused on the strict need for effective containment required for safe, resourceful processing of pharmaceuticals – The Fitzpatrick Company has a roller compactor to meet your unique process needs.

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