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by | Dec 20, 2018 | private flight

People who want the luxury of a charter airplane flight without the whole cost should try Empty Leg Flights in Fort Myers FL. An empty leg flight is when a chartered airplane is dropping off customers at one location and flying empty on the return trip or flying empty to pick up customers at a location. The charter company will often give really good deals for these flights. It pays to check online for Empty Leg Flights in Fort Myers FL that match up to a person’s travel plans.

Using Private Jet Charters

When the budget allows, chartering a private jet may be the perfect travel solution. These jets can accommodate up to 10 people in luxury and comfort. People who are using a jet charter do not have to wait in long lines for tickets or boarding passes. They don’t have to check luggage or put up with bag limits and extra charges. No sitting in a crowded airport waiting for a flight or long layovers. They have spacious seating and generous refreshments served them.

Business groups using private chartered flights can work while they travel and arrive at business meetings well prepared. There are no crowded conditions, noise, or rowdy passengers to worry about. When security and privacy are issues, chartered flights are a good solution. Busy businesspeople can arrive at the smaller airport closer to flight time and board their private flight shortly before take off.

Saving Money On Charter Flights

People who like the advantages of private jets but need to save money can adjust their travel times to match empty leg flights offered by charter companies. These flights are offered at big discounts when a charter needs to go to another city to pick up the customer or has dropped off a customer and will otherwise be flying home empty. They offer deep discounts for these otherwise empty flights. Charter companies post listings of empty leg flights on their websites.

So, if a company or individual can be flexible on travel times, they may be able to use a private charter plane at a discounted price. They will enjoy all the advantages of a private charter for less money. For more information, go to

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