Four Important Facts About Bail Bonds Services in Crystal River

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Bail bond agents

Arrests are difficult to deal with, especially the first time. Getting arrested makes a person feel overwhelmed and all they want to do is get back home. In many cases, individuals are granted bail. If they put up the bail amount, they can get out of jail and their money is held until the trial process is over. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to large amounts of money, so that some defendants might be kept in jail for weeks or even months. To get out of jail quickly, individuals need to understand what is available for Bail Bonds Services in Crystal River.

Important Facts About Bail Bonds

Those who have never used the services of a bondsman likely do not know what to expect. Being aware of the facts regarding these companies will help individuals to be prepared for seeking Bail Bonds Services in Crystal River. The following are some important facts everyone should know.

  • The fee that is charged by a bondsman is regulated by the state. Often, this fee amount hovers around ten percent in almost every state. The fee that is paid is not refunded, even if the individual ends up being found not guilty.
  • When someone hires a bondsman, there is paperwork that must be filled out. The one signing the documents is the guarantor and they are held responsible for ensuring the defendant shows up for all court dates.
  • If the defendant does not show up, the guarantor is then charged with paying the entire bail amount. A bench warrant will likely be sent out to ensure the defendant is arrested and brought in to stand trial.
  • The guarantor may also be charged with the fees that are incurred by the bondsman for bringing in the individual.

How to Get Started

If your friend or loved one needs bailing out of jail, you need Fast and Reliable Bail Bonds. Zona Long Bail Bonds is poised to help you 24/7. They offer fast, courteous, and discreet bonding services. Call them today if you have any questions. With their help, your loved one can be out of jail quickly and able to get back to a normal life.

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