Getting Dental Implants in Augusta GA

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Dental and oral care is very important. Your mouth has millions of bacteria in it, most of which are present due to natural reasons. They help in breaking down the foods you eat. However, if you fail to properly care for your teeth, it might lead to some serious issues. For instance, certain bacteria can actually “eat” your teeth. Improper cleaning can lead to the buildup of plaque on the teeth, thus causing many health issues. It is important that you go for a dental checkup at least once every six months.

If you have had a tooth removed in the past, medical science now gives you the excellent option of getting dental implants installed in your mouth. Implants are similar to your ordinary teeth. Unlike fake dentures, these implants are actually “screwed” into your jawbone in order to ensure that all your teeth look exactly alike.

While the process may sound drawn out and considerably painful, your dentist will numb the inner regions of your mouth while installing the implant. As a result, you won’t feel a thing. Getting dental implants is an excellent idea for people who have empty spaces in their denture where a tooth was once present. There are many dentists that currently offer dental implants in Augusta GA. Here are just some of the advantages that implants offer.

Permanent Solution

In order to install the dental implant, the dentist will first drill a hole in your jawbone. He or she will then install the implant and screw it in. The implant can be used for additional bridgework or overdentures, or can be fitted with a simple crown that resembles your other teeth. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that this is a permanent solution. You don’t have to worry about getting the implant checked unless you begin to feel an issue with it. They last a much longer period of time than conventional teeth.

Speak Clearly

Many people have issues with using conventional overdentures, because they cause speech issues and also make it difficult to chew food properly. However, because implants are designed to resemble your original tooth as closely as possible, you won’t feel a thing.

Preserves Natural Tooth Tissue

Dental implants have been known to preserve natural bone tissue and will reduce the rates of bone resorption and deterioration considerably. This reduces the need for conventional bridgework and also strengthens your jawbone. Most people are often caught in two minds about getting implants installed. You should visit Dr. Tanya Shores at and ask to evaluate whether your jawbone can support an implant.

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