Managing The Recruitment Process Through Web Based HR Software

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It is estimated that the recruitment of employees requires about one to four months, with entry-level employees requiring less time than managers and executives. Finding ways to streamline and make the process more efficient at every level not only saves a business time but also helps to find the right candidate for the job.

In the past, recruitment was a part of the HR department’s responsibility. It included the individual and manual placing ads, receiving resumes and applications, reviewing that information, entering data, and then shortlisting and interviewing of potential candidates.

Automation for Efficiency

Today, thanks to the use of web based HR software, many of these processes can be fully automated. This automation does not limit the ability of the HR department to screen potential candidates. Instead, it helps to eliminate candidates who do not meet specific minimal requirements, allowing the HR department to focus on those most qualified for the position.

Through the use of the top options in web based HR software, it is possible to provide potential candidates with automatic access to online testing and resume upload systems. It is also possible to create interview scheduling, email follow-ups, and even generating offer letters to candidates with just a few clicks of the mouse.

A fully searchable database allows remote access to data storage in the web based HR software, providing the interviewer with details, CVs and resumes, notes from other interviews. Access from any mobile device means that interviews can be easily conducted from any location without any loss of data access.

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