Positive Visits at Charleston Smiles Children’s Dentistry in Charleston, SC

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Children’s dentists are general practices specializing in dental healthcare for children. While not every dentist knows how to successfully handle children, the primary focus of a children’s dentist is to be a provider that makes each visit not only informative but also fun.

A Positive Experience

Some children have a natural uneasiness when it comes to dental visits. For this reason, a children’s dentist in Charleston strives to make every visit as fun and positive as possible.

At the front door, children will find games and toys that help them to learn that a dental office is a secure and fun place. Fun murals and pictures will also engage their attention, allowing them to focus elsewhere rather than on the dental work specifically.

Quality Personalized Care

Because a children’s dentist in Charleston provides personalized care for every patient, the level of quality in dental services remains high. On the initial visit, the child will get a cleaning and an exam and, at the appropriate age, x-ray imaging.

Children also receive hygiene and preventative training through a hygiene assistant, in which children learn correct brushing and flossing and the importance of diet and nutrition.

A children’s dentist in Charleston also provides extensive dental services, from teeth cleaning, vitality tests, fluoride treatment, protective sealants, partial dentures, preventive treatment, treatment planning and more.

From the moment they reach the doorstep to treatment at the dental chair at a children’s dentist, children receive top-quality care and discover the reassurance of a positive and fun environment. To learn more, contact Dr. Patterson, a specialist in children’s dental health at Charleston Smiles by calling 843-573-0733 or by visiting online at https://charleston-smiles.com today.

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