Trained, Professional Long Distance Moving Companies in Phoenix, AZ

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Long-distance moving is both exciting and stressful. Are you relocating for work or to be closer to family? Are you looking for a fresh start across the country? Whatever the reason, moving is made easy with long-distance moving companies in Phoenix, AZ.

Finding a Long Distance Moving Company

The best long-distance moving companies will be licensed and insured, have positive reviews, and have great references. Customer reviews are an insight into the company’s reputation. There are horror stories of moving companies that have broken and lost items.

An easy way to avoid these companies is to look at their reviews. Please note that large-scale companies will likely have a few poor reviews, but check to see their overall Google star ratings, Facebook comments, and Better Business Bureau reviews.

What Is the Cost of a Long Distance Moving Company?

The costs associated with long-distance moving companies in Phoenix, AZ vary greatly in price. However, the factors that affect the costs of the overall move are similar across the country. Are you moving across bordering states or the country? The mileage between the move greatly affects the cost. It should not cost the same to move 10 miles as it does 100 miles.

Are you requiring heavy items to be moved? Moving heavy items such as bureaus, hospital beds, entertainment centers, and other large appliances will cost more than moving lighter items. This makes sense because of the wear and tear on the moving trucks. If you are having someone help pack and move the items, moving large items is also much more labor-intensive.

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