Top Three Signs That You are an Ideal Candidate for Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal therapy focuses on saving your natural teeth as opposed to extracting them. You need to stop and listen when your teeth start talking to you. Usually, the body has various ways of telling you that something is not right. Warning signs alert you to possible infections in your gums, mouth or teeth. Sometimes, trying to figure out if you need root canals in Fonthill can be difficult during the early stages. However, when you are keen enough, you can notice any changes in your mouth that indicate it’s time for the root canal.


Pain is one of the most visible signs that a patient needs root canal therapy. Extreme tooth pain when drinking or eating is usually caused by infection and inflammation. Therefore, if you are experiencing dental pain, it might be time for root canal therapy before the infection spreads to your other teeth or your gums.

Lingering Sensitivity

Most people feel a slight dental sensitivity when sipping a hot drink or eating ice cream. However, you shouldn’t take it lightly if it happens often and lingers for more than 30 seconds. The chances are that you require a dental procedure. The pain varies, but it is usually prolonged. It’s an indication that your nerves are damaged. Consequently, you are an ideal candidate for root canals in Fonthill.

Headaches and Jaw Pain

You need to be worried if the pain from your tooth originates from your head or jaw. It probably indicates a deep infection within your tooth. If the disease is affecting your molars, you are likely to experience ear pain. You need to visit your dentist for an examination. You may also need a root canal.

If any of these symptoms describe you, don’t panic. Root canals are common, and they are an effective way of treating dental concerns. Visit your dentist for the therapy as soon as you notice the signs above.

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